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About Handmade World Bags

Handmade World’s journey began in the year 2013, a UK based company dedicated to delivering high quality leather goods all over the world to all existing leather lovers and tempt those who haven’t had a chance to try our products yet.

In the Western Indian state of Rajasthan, lies the exotic and beautiful city of Udaipur, known for its varied handicraft and handmade goods, which is where 80 hardworking artisans armed with traditional knowledge often passed down in the family for generations, pour their expertise, love and care into every stage of leather processing. Though talented, lack of education and poor awareness of modern technology means they must settle for whatever they are offered in exchange of their produce/labour.

Today we successfully contribute towards the upliftment of the local community by paying fairly for the materials sourced from the local traders; we nurture the local talent by providing employment opportunities to the artisans and channelling 40% of our profits towards education of their children and the general wellbeing of their families is our way thanking them for their dedication.

Our love for leather has long become an obsession so nothing but the best raw material gets selected for our products. Once the design is finalised by our team of experts, the artisans work hard to turn those into hand stitched leather products – The result!? = Products that showcase a flawless amalgamation of modern aesthetics and a traditional aura!!!

We at Handmade World, are dedicated to bringing you a cherished & unforgettable experience of owning handcrafted high-quality leather goods which not only adds to your style quotient but also is durable enough to make it to your everyday “must have” accessories list.

Our Vision & Mission

To become a brand known worldwide as synonymous with good quality leather.
To continue to evolve through changes in fashion trends and tanning & production methods while staying true to our commitment towards genuine quality.
To “discover & uplift” the local talent no matter where we are, is a commitment we have been true to since beginning. We aim to help them gain the recognition they deserve for their work as well as aid them in adopting & adapting to the latest trends.

To ensure that our products continue to resonate with everyone in its presence and leaves a lasting impression on them.


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We bring you leather products that are handcrafted using the highest quality materials, shaped in modern designs with a touch of tradition and packed with loads of love. Every piece is a testament to our journey so far and a glimpse into our dreams for the future. Welcome to the family of Handmade World Leather !


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