Handmade Leather Bags: Worldwide Fashion Accessories

Handmade Leather Bags: Worldwide Fashion Accessories

Leather being the imprinting mechanism of royalty, it is believed that an average person in this world wears approximately 4 items of leather at a time. It can be perceived in several forms including wallets, belts, shoes, watch straps, bands, leather bags and more.

Leather Bags in worldwide markets are sold at extortionate prices that hype these leather bags making it a dream of several individuals. Our Website focuses on providing exemplary quality of Handmade Leather Bags at wholesale pricing for India, USA and UK.

History of Leather Bags

Leather has been dated back in the 3000 B.C. when the Egyptians created leather tents, sandals, bottles, gloves, military equipment. Later in 500 B.C. Greece commenced trading in tanned leather materials, they developed vegetable tanning mechanism for leather that became much popular.

In the 18th& 19th centuries, as the industrialization hit several countries, and with a lot of experimentation, several types of leather started hitting the market. Leather made its entrance in the automobile, furniture, and the Fashion world; there were shoes, belts, wallets, and Handmade Leather Bags introduced to the Fashion world.

Universality of Leather Bags

Leather Bags apart from concreting a fashion statement are also super handy, which makes them the best options to carry to work, a casual outing, or partying. We all know that Women love carrying stylish Leather Handbags, but with the evolution of Fashion, there were a few inventions in the Leather Bags industry that provided Unisex Bag options. These bags included Handmade Leather Messenger Bags, Briefcases, Laptop Bags, Tablet Bags, Camera Bags, Duffel Bags and Women’s Crossbody Bags. The Unisex Handmade Leather Bags from India are rustic, vintage and are chemical-free, which makes its natural shine allure your aura too.


A Leather Bag for Each Occasion: Types of Leather Bags

  • Leather Briefcases: Briefcases are generally considered as the typical work bags to be carried to your respective offices, but the handmade leather bags manufacturers in Udaipur make sure that these basic work bags are provided a lustrous look with Handmade Leather Bags India.
  • Leather Crossbody Bags: Handmade Leather Crossbody Bags come with a long strap that can be used to carry it in a much contemporary way. These can also be generalized as slings bags that women love to carry around on any occasion. The crossbody bags are generally smaller than the briefcases, therefore can be carried to both work or plain outings.
  • Leather Messenger Bags: The Messenger Bags are basically the informal version of a Briefcase. Technically the briefcases are suppose to be carried with the handle placed on the top middle of the bag, and the Messenger Bags can slide in as a crossbody bag or on shoulder.
  • Leather Laptop Bags: In the 21st century the place of a heavy immovable computer has been taken over portable laptops. Even the new generation offices have come up with a policy of ‘Bring your own Laptop to Office’. These Laptops are surely portable and reliable but must be taken utmost care of, therefore a Handmade Leather Laptop Bag turns out to be the most trendiest and the safest option for carrying your laptop to any possible location. These Leather Laptop bags are waterproof and are designed precisely for a safe laptop carrying option.
  • Leather Camera Bags: People who have to carry their heavy Camera Gear everywhere as not to miss the ideal picture perfect frame, always worry about their camera bags not being trendy enough. Well here comes the Handmade Leather Camera Bags to rescue, these bags are chemical-free which makes them the most secure means as the leather is considered to act as a protective shield, also these are considered to be the most chic way of carrying a camera.

Leather Bag Manufacturing Locations

China is considered to be the chief leather bags manufacturer and exporter in the world, India stands tall as the second largest leather bags manufacturer of the world.

In India the authentic handmade leather bags are manufactured in bulk mostly in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan bears a rich history of artisans, who posses royalty in the handmade products their generations have been crafting for a long time.

Cities like Udaipur & Jodhpur are treated as a hub of handmade high quality leather bags.

Demand of Leather Bags in USA

The USA residents have also adored the leather & fur products by acquiring them in their daily needs. According to a survey the demand for these products in USA till 2020 will reach up to $13.1 Billion.

Leather Bags are considered to be one of the most demanded leather products in USA, these are exported from all around the world to the USA market and sold at high prices. The Leather markets in USA & UK are all stacked up with exported products as these countries do not produce much leather, thereby increasing the cost of each leather article. The demand of Handmade Leather Bags USA is huge as it is considered to be one of best qualities of leathers made from goat & buffalo leather, there are several other variants of leather sold in the leather market including full-grain leather, white leather, embossed leather, fibre leather, and more. All these variants has a distinct pricing according to their respective qualities.

Worldwide Market of Leather Bags

Leather market has been flooded with customers all over the world, as nowadays leather is utilized in basically all the elements of a living. Industries like automobile, furnishing, footwear, luggage, accessories have been stocked with choices of leather products as consumer demand has always been more inclined towards high quality leather articles.

High revenue is generated in the leather market and is confirmed to take a rise  in the upcoming years, as the demand of leather bags & leather footwear has been rising with time and is predicted to show a rise even more in future.

Bags by Handmade World Bags

The Handmade World Bags are considered as one of the a leading handmade leather bags manufacturers in Rajasthan. High quality leather is obtained and precisely moulded in the desired shape to obtain the resultant exquisite leather bags.

These Handmade Leather Bags are 100% natural and no chemical is sprayed on them for artificial shine. These articles bear their own radiance as only high quality of leather is used. Trained Royal artisans work upon leather and produce these precise leather bags with their hardship & skill.

The price range of these bags are also extremely pocket friendly as an article ranges around 50 USD – 700 USD.

Being certified exporters of handmade leather bags we have established working offices in India and UK. There are several other e-commerce websites on which are bags are being sold each day.

These Handmade Leather Bags are provided at wholesale rates and can be shipped all over the world without any hustle.

One can select their handmade leather bag variant from our website and place an order in seconds by adding it into the cart and proceeding to checkout. While placing your order with us you can calculate the shipping charges prior payment according to the shipping address.

We’re proud to have more than 30,000 customers belonging to different demographics in the world till date, and are looking forward to expand are reach in the upcoming years.