We pride ourselves on our expertise and extensive knowledge about our craft which in turn guarantees that only the highest quality materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship would pass our standards.
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In short, if you are looking for handcrafted, high quality, real leather products – you need not go any further!!!

Still undecided? Here are some tips to help you choose………….
About the leather-

  1. If genuine material is used who wouldn’t want to boast about it, right!? So, look for terms such as “Real leather”, “Full grain leather”, “Genuine leather” “Made with animal products”, in the product description. If it says, “Man-made material” it means the leather is synthetic. And if doesn’t say anything, it would be best to confirm by asking the seller before purchase.
  2. Don`t forget, real leather is derived from animals, so every piece would carry the uniqueness of the animal it came from, hence, the creases and wrinkles are proof of its authenticity. If you spot too even and unnaturally symmetrical patterns, it would be safe to assume that it`s synthetic leather.
  3. Real leather would smell like leather and you have spotted a fake if it smells like plastic or strong chemicals.
  4. It should feel right when you touch it, real leather even with all its natural creases and wrinkles would not feel too hard, too thin or like plastic

Care Instructions

General care-
1) Store the leather product in breathable fabric as ventilation is a must to avoid mildew.
2) Regularly wipe with a soft damp cloth and let the leather air dry naturally.
3)Leather ages naturally and gets better with time. However, occasional use of conditioner is recommended. Choose neutral/natural colors while opting for a conditioner.

Emergency care-
If you spill liquid on your leather products – Wipe the excess liquid with a clean cloth or tissue and let the leather air dry, never use a hair dryer or expose it other heat sources to dry.


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We bring you leather products that are handcrafted using the highest quality materials, shaped in modern designs with a touch of tradition and packed with loads of love. Every piece is a testament to our journey so far and a glimpse into our dreams for the future. Welcome to the family of Handmade World Leather !


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