Leather bags 2024

Exploring the Functional Leather Bags of the 2024 Collection

Leathercrafting is an ancient craft rich in artistic and historical significance. Each piece of our 2024 collection shows the talent and devotion of artists who put their all into every stitch and cut. The best tanneries provide the leather used, ensuring longevity and a rich feel that improves with time. Those who value originality and quality are nevertheless drawn to the allure of handcrafted goods. This philosophy is embodied by the 2024 Handmade World Bag Leather Collection, which provides a selection of finely created bags that combine age-old methods with cutting-edge designs. This collection is designed with both style and practicality in mind. 

Key Highlights of the 2024 Collection

Classic Styles with a Contemporary Touch

The 2024 collection provides the perfect fusion of modern functionality and traditional style. Whether it's a briefcase, a classic tote, or a versatile backpack, there's a bag to fit every style and need. Their subtle yet sophisticated designs complement practically any ensemble. 

Focus on Details

Each bag exhibits exquisite craftsmanship. Every detail is considered, from the carefully chosen linings to the hand-stitched seams. Every bag is beautifully designed and built to last.

Signature Pieces

Classic Women's Bag

Our women's bags, made for the sophisticated lady, perfectly combine fashion and utility. Made from the finest leather, they have strong handles, a secure clasp, and a roomy interior. Thanks to their superb craftsmanship and contemporary style, they are the perfect complement to any ensemble, formal or casual.

leather tote bag

The Classic Tote is perfect for everyday office use because it's fashionable and big enough to fit a 15” laptop (measured diagonally)  and  all your essentials. It has strong handles, a magnetic secure zip closure, and compartments inside for organization. The tote or laptop bag bag is available in Aria Green and Aria Blue

leather convertible women bag
leather convertible women bag

With its contemporary style, the convertible backpack is ideal for women constantly on the go. It's comfortable, stylish, and large enough to accommodate everything you need for a full day out. This convertible backpack and handbag features a separate tablet sleeve and front and side pockets for convenient access. This bag is available in two colors: Honeycomb Blue, Honeycomb Brown and Honeycomb Green. With its clever, removable straps that allow for quick mode change, this backpack can easily adapt to your lifestyle. Its design allows it to convert from a handbag to a backpack with ease. This convertible bag matches any outfit, so you're always ready for anything from evening events and business meetings to casual outings. 

women leather sling bag
women leather sling bag

Our leather handbag is perfect for every occasion, whether at a brunch with friends or a shopping spree. This saddle or shoulder bag complements every outfit. With two different shades, The Estro Blue and The Estro Green, The Estro Brown you can choose what goes well with your personality. 

The Executive Briefcase/Messenger Bag

The Executive Briefcase blends design and functionality, making it perfect for professionals. With numerous pockets to hold your laptop, paperwork, and other necessities, it's ideal for business travel or the workplace. We have briefcases of different styles. 

The Beacon is perfect for professionals who travel for business. It has front, side, and back pockets for easy access and a main compartment for laptops/files, books, etc. It also has a trolley sleeve at the back.  

leather messenger bag

Another in our collection is The Optimus, which has a convenient top handle, two front zipper pockets for easy access, a dedicated padded laptop sleeve for protection, and buckle closure. 

The following line is The Contemporary, which has a sleek look, front and back zipper pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, and a trolley sleeve at the back. It goes well with your professional ensemble. 

leather messenger bag

One of our most loved ones is The Brownstone, which has a buckle closure and side pockets, a trolley sleeve, and a spacious compartment to carry all essentials and a pair of clothes.

women leather sling bag

The Nobleera is our tablet bag, best suited for students/ trainees or those carrying fewer yet essential items. It has front and back zipper pockets and a main compartment or a tablet sleeve with a magnetic closure. 

The Travel Duffles

The Weekender Bag offers travelers luxury and functionality. It's roomy, strong, and perfect for quick travels because it can fit clothes, toiletries, and other necessities. It has shoulder and hand straps for a variety of carrying arrangements.

The Maunder is best suited for carrying 3-5 days essentials. It is perfect for your weekend adventure with a front zipper pocket, a shoe compartment, and a trolley sleeve. 

leather duffle bag

The Walnut Wanderer is another duffle bag with more storage options: two front zipper pockets, a buckle-closure front pocket, a side slide-in pocket, a shoe compartment, and a trolley sleeve for effortless airport navigation. 

The Slide Sling Bag

unisex sling bag

This sling bag is made for people who appreciate simplicity without sacrificing style. The Side Sling has an adjustable strap for comfortable crossbody usage and hands-free convenience. Its roomy yet compact design has several pockets for quickly organizing your necessities. The Side Sling is the essential clothing for stylish, everyday wear, whether out for a day or running errands. Our sling is available in different colors and styles: The sleek Swing Green, The sleek Swing Blue, The sleek Swing Black, The sleek Swing Brown

leather sling bag

The Roamrush is another crossbody in our 2024 collection with multiple pockets for organized storage. Slings are perfect for hectic days running errands or traveling where you need to have your hands free because of their hands-free design, which enables smooth movement. Their small size also doesn't mean that storage space is compromised; with several pockets and compartments, they provide enough space to arrange necessities like keys, phones, wallets, and even small notebooks or tablets. This makes them ideal for travel to the office or touring a new location, as well as for work-related activities.

Our bags are your traveling buddies through life. The 2024 Handmade World line features carefully produced pieces with trend and functionality kept in mind. Look through the selection to discover a bag that complements your style and principles.

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