Leather Products: Care and Maintenance

Leather Products: Care and Maintenance

From Messenger bags to purses and journals, we want you to enjoy your leather goods for a lifetime. They need to be cared for properly when they are prepared for you. With our care guide, your most treasured pieces will look beautiful for years to come. By taking time to care for your leather products, you can maintain the appearance of your products. 

Day to Day Care :

By following a few simple practices, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and prolong the vitality of your products for years:

  • Avoid overweighting your bag as leather is skin and can stretch to maintain its original silhouette.
  • Take some time to wipe off the dust from the products and clean it with a soft cloth. 
  • Avoid contact with heavy embellished clothes and material as it can scratch your bag. 
  • Try to avoid water on the products. If your bag is soaked in water, follow these steps to prevent further damage to the product. 
  1. Let the leather dry naturally. Do not blow-dry or heat the product. 
  2. While the leather is still damp, apply a dense coat of leather conditioner. Rub the conditioner into the leather texture and dry it for several hours or overnight.
  3. Hang to dry(use a soft dry cloth to wipe) and store in a ventilated place instead of sun exposure after returning from a rain storm. Put newspaper inside the bag, which will terminate the moisture.

How to store Leather Products 

Storing your products in the right way can prolong their life. 

  • Store your products away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading
  • Store leather products in a dust bag to prevent scratches
  • Avoid utilizing plastic bags; they stop good ventilation.
  • Hoarding leather from artificial heat sources, e.g., radiators, can drive the leather to dry and crack.
  • When not in usage, keep them in a cool, dry place. 
  • Mildew and fungus can rot leather if allowed to grow on it. Keep the bag in a ventilated area to avoid fungus. 
  • Metal accessories can develop corrosion if the bag is not used for long. To prevent this, cover the metal accessories with newspaper or tape them. 


Do not let the water absorb into the leather. If your handbag or jacket gets very wet, pat off excess moisture as soon as possible. 

  • Do not dry the leather with a hairdryer; let it air dry and apply a leather conditioner.
  • Do not use cleaning products that have alcohol, as these will dry out and discolor your leather purse or bag. 
  • Do not use soap or any other cleanser, as they can remove natural oil from the leather. 
  • Don't dump your items in a humid or wet place. 
  • There are many DIY solutions for cleaning stains from leather bags, as they might do more harm than good. Always use cleaning solutions specified for leather. Solutions like vinegar, baby wipes, petroleum jelly, or other home-based cleaning suggestions have chemicals. They might respond with chemicals already present in the leather and worsen the situation. 

How To Apply Conditioner  To  Leather Bag

Leather conditioner is like a moisturizer for your leather bag. Without it, the leather will parch out over time. To control peeling and wrinkling, apply a leather conditioner to a smooth cloth and gently massage over the whole bag. Relying on the dryness or humidity in your climate, apply conditioner at least twice a year to keep your leather bag soft and supple.

Leather Journals Care

Leather journals usually preserve precious memories, so it is essential to protect the books themselves. To achieve this, keep in mind the following actions of journal care. 

When storing your cherished journals on a shelf, keep them out of direct sunlight and give your shelves room to breathe. Journals piled on racks may crack at the spine, while books placed too loosely may lag and warp. Aim for gentle support, and when removing them from the shelf, it is essential to pull from the middle, as hooking your finger over the top of the spine can create a stretched and misshapen finish.

More tips

This Leather care guide applies to all leather products - handbags, wallets, and jackets. Use the cleaner and conditioner formed for leather goods only. 

Clean your leather products occasionally and avoid heavy exposure to the elements which can damage your product.