Leather Care

Welcome to the world of leather love! Imagine your leather goods as adventurous souls embarking on a timeless journey. Just as a caring guardian nurtures a growing child, proper leather care involves tender love and expert attention. From conditioning to protection, let's unveil the secrets to keep your leather treasures in their prime, ready to face the world with confidence and grace. Let the leather adventure begin!




  • Dust, begone! Grab a soft brush, and with a flick of your wrist, whisk those pesky particles from the leather's secret crevices.
  • Now, here comes the magic elixir – a concoction of Dettol or maybe your trusty face wash, in a tantalizing ratio of 1:10 with water. Picture it like a spa day for your leather.
  • But before we dive in, let's play it safe. A little sneak peek, a patch test, in a hidden corner of your bag, maybe its secret hideaway inside or the mysterious bottom. Let's see how your leather reacts to this newfound potion.
  • Now, the key step: dip a clean cloth into the solution and gently wipe your bag. Avoid excessive force – a gentle, thorough wipe is all you need.
  • And for the final act – let your bag air dry naturally. Give it the time it needs, and when it's ready, it'll be back in action, looking as good as new.




  • Ready for a spa day for your leather buddy? Get a mild body lotion or a natural oil such as coconut oil and a clean cloth!
  • Start by putting a bit of cream on the cloth – consider it a little treat for your leather.
  • Now, spread the cream on the base or insides of your bag.
  • Time for the magic touch! With soft, circular strokes, massage the cream all over your bag. Let the leather soak it up and look fantastic!

NOTE:-Never miss a patch test.




To keep your cherished Handmade World leather bag in top-notch shape, here's the secret: a little TLC and some clever tricks!
  • Firstly, imagine giving your bag a comfy bed - roll up some newspapers neatly and tuck them inside the bag. The corners deserve extra attention to prevent any unwanted wrinkles, so be sure to pamper them just right. But remember, don't go overboard with the stuffing; a gentle touch works best.
  • Now, Wrap it up in a breathable, soft cotton cloth bag. Say no to plastic - it's all about letting that leather breathe and sigh in contentment.
  • Lastly, find the perfect spot for your bag - a spacious, airy shelf. Avoid those dark, damp corners; your bag deserves to breathe in the freshness and embrace the spotlight.
And there you have it, the secret to keeping your Handmade World leather bag happy, classy, and forever stylish!


Avoid using liquid solutions or moisturizing creams to clean all types of leather. Always prioritize a patch test. Remember that grease, oils, and pen stains will not be tolerated by leather. Visit a Handmade World store for more information!